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  1. So this is where it starts. I have been painting and sketching my whole life but only recently have I ventured into actually doing it for other people. And it is fun, really good fun. I have sketched stuff that is just ordinary but it is a depiction of life as it unfolds; step by step. I particularly enjoy the dalliances into cocktails and booze generally. As I sketch from real life, this obviously means that I have to actually drink the drinks and chop the lemons. What a chore!! So give me more to try. I will be working on Jack Daniels and coke over the next few weeks so I will post some progress pictures as I go. I am not a big whiskey fan so I am not sure how the tasting is going to go. These are the progress for pictures from when I did the champagne cocktail - Bollinger all the way....

    Thoroughly enjoyable. I wil also be workng on a Pimms for summer and Prosecco mini pics - watch this space IMG_9104IMG_9121IMG_9213IMG_9215